I spend a portion of my time working with a select number of tech companies. The sort of things I typically help with are:

  • Optimising your product development lifecycle. In my 28-year career I’ve worked with every software process from waterfall, to scrum, to kanban and Shape Up. I know how to get stuff done. I can review your current processes, help you unearth bottlenecks, and work with you to ship better features, faster.
  • Organisational design, especially for product and engineering teams. I’ve built high-performing product and engineering teams of over 130 people. I can advise on how to structure your teams for growth, optimising your hiring process and running effective performance management in your organisation. You have great people, so let me help you get the most out of them.
  • Reviewing your system architecture and hosting infrastructure. I can review your current set up, help you identify pitfalls and help you get on the right track to scale. I have a particular interest and a lot of experience with apps built with Ruby on Rails.
  • Workshops to help you define your engineering strategy. I can help you define your engineering strategy, your core principles, and how best to communicate them across your organisation.
  • Technical due diligence for funding rounds or IPO. I’ve been through every funding round from angel/VC, institutional, venture debt, crowdfunding to an IPO on AIM. I’ve successfully navigated this choppy sea of technical due diligence, so I can help you do the same.
  • Board membership. Many boards of directors are missing a technical voice. I can fill that gap.

If this tickles your fancy, please get in touch.