How to Eat a Burrito

On stage at Turing 2019

I was privileged to be able to speak at the Turing Fest conference in my home town of Edinburgh today. It’s a “cross-functional tech conference” covering everything from marketing, sales, engineering, startups and business growth. I’ve been every year for the past three (or perhaps it’s four) years and it’s always been excellent. It’s great to see such a high quality conference in Edinburgh, it’s up there with the world’s best.

The calibre of talks is generally really high, so I put in what felt like an inordinate amount of time preparing the talk. Partly this was because I really didn’t want to cock it up, but largely because it turns out preparing a well-rehearsed talk - even a 30 minute one – is a mightily time-consuming thing to do! I really enjoyed the whole process – even delivering the talk was fun, if slightly surreal – but my respect for the speakers has gone through the roof now that I can properly appreciate the amount of time and sheer effort they devote to putting together their presentations.

Below are my slides. I’m not sure how much sense they’ll make without the narrative so you should probably watch the video 😬