Locked In The House (Vol. 1)

Once upon a time I used to buy vinyl records and play them in dark rooms full (sometimes) of people. I used to record mixes to C90 cassette (!), and eventually on CD, and I’d design covers and send them to willing listeners I met on obscure internet mailing lists in the 1990s. They were halcyon days ☀️

I flogged my decks and mixer in 2011 and haven’t bought vinyl since the mid-00s (I still have all my records in the garage though, if anyone wants them?). I do miss it a bit, but life moves on.

I still love the music though and my tastes in ‘dance’ music haven’t really changed that much. The music might be similar but the technology has moved on enormously. I can now instantly buy tracks in lossless digital format for a fraction of what I’d pay for vinyl even a decade ago, and I can mix them up with nothing more than an iPad and the Traktor DJ app which, while not quite a substitute for the tactile 1200s experience, is still remarkably satisfying.

At the start of lockdown I bought a bag of tracks from Juno Download and threw a new mix together.

Hopefully I’ll make the time to record more in the future. Here’s the tracklisting for the anoraks.

  1. Hypnotic - Rayko
  2. Put Our Heads Together (Joey Negro Re-Organised Master mix) - The O’Jays
  3. Love Saves The Day feat. Kathy Diamond (Mario Basanov’s Vocal Remake) - Kathy Diamond
  4. Holding On - Cuz Electric
  5. Still (Laolu Remix) - Girls Of The Internet
  6. Lettbeint (Yam Who? remix) - De Fantastiske To
  7. Fogma - Groove Armada
  8. Evening Drive - Chris Stussy
  9. Juke City - Roman Flugel
  10. Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision Remix) - Blaze
  11. Superromantic - Add2Basket
  12. Tonight - Wajatta
  13. Starry Night - Peggy Gou
  14. Cosmia (Pete Herbert remix) - Ilija Rudman
  15. Fly a Sign - Sek
  16. Running Number (original mix) - Moodtrax